Besides the above said, those scandals could mushroom through fraud and malpractice. They also promise unrealistic profits and are recognizable through it. Its impossible to get rich with one big deal in trading. EnerVictus will collect the margins from many small deals and through this accretion process build up healthy profits.

External control systems in Austria, designed to prevent fraud and malpractice are very strong in part because of some prominent failures. EnerVictus will have its books audited, tax counsel will examine all trades and our own internal and external control systems will check everything for unworthy deals and flush them out if they happen.

Internal sanctions for improper behavior by any trader is being sanctioned with no mercy. No system however is foolproof and there can never be a 100% guarantee against such frauds. Our best security policy is that we know those tricks very well and also that we filter those working for us personally and ruthlessly for bad apples.