Central Europe is the center of a divided world. This world is split between the market and the monopolistic ideals of the utilities. The old utilities have reinvented themselves as traders but are in reality saddled with political appointees and agendas, which are mostly focused on profits.

Central European structures don’t give traders incentives in order to look for the best deals but rather to find business that is politically advantageous. Financial traders do commodities in order to diversify their portfolios, though their interests don’t lie with the essentials of commodity trading. However, some financial traders are not necessarily profit driven.

These circumstances allow for business opportunities not taken to be realized by serious professional traders. We intend to be such traders and to make use of such possibilities.

This prodigious situation will of course not remain forever. Eventually the different players will either learn how to make a profit or will go bankrupt due to severe losses, as was the case in the USA and north Western Europe after liberalization.