We are a cross commodity trading project that also goes consulting.

In 2012, the founders Norbert Schwarz and Rudolf Huber have discussed the potential for a new energy trading company in Central Europe. The discussion quickly spun into a project and on into a Business Plan. Others have joined the fray and today, EnerVictus is a well-thought-out plan to establish a new, professional player in the market while the window of opportunity is still open.

blackNorbert Schwarz – Norbert is a high-powered trader with a knack for harvesting from myriads of small deals and picking low hanging fruit. Norbert has led multiple trade floors and has single handedly built several of them. He will lead all operational trading activities on normalized markets and all screen operations.

profile-pic-smallRudolf Huber – Rudolf is the Methanist, a brand he has earned through his energy pitches and countless opinion pieces on his energy blogs. Rudolf also has made himself a name as a LNG project developer in Africa and as an LNG professional. Read more under methanist.com. He will care for origination and other complex deals.